Exclusive: Steve Kerr confirms he signed multi-year contract extension with Warriors

Exclusive: Steve Kerr confirms he signed multi-year contract extension with Warriors

As a former reporter, in a manner of speaking, Steve Kerr is familiar with the phrase “Friday afternoon news dump.” It’s newsroom talk for stories released or leaked with the weekend approaching to minimize coverage.

He was hoping that would be the case with his contract extension, the theory being that such news would be buried beneath the avalanche of speculation and debate regarding NBA free agency.

It didn’t quite turn out that way because, well, Warriors news doesn’t bury well.

“My goal with this thing is for there not to be any news on details and then free agency begins tonight and it gets lost in the shuffle and nobody cares,” Kerr said Saturday, by phone, while driving to his San Diego-area home with his wife, Margot.

“I signed a multi-year extension,” he added. “And that’s it.”

Kerr declined to divulge further details, including the specific length of the extension.

Though the Warriors had yet to announce news of the extension, Kerr is expected to coach at least the first two seasons at Chase Center, the new arena in San Francisco, which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2019.

As for his annual salary, which sources on Friday put at around $10 million -- a 100-percent increase over his original five-year, $25 million contract -- Kerr implied it was less than that.

For the record, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, on the job since 1997, is the highest-paid coach in the NBA, is entering the final season of a five-year deal worth a reported $55 million. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers signed a similar contract in May. 

In any case, Kerr’s salary will be commensurate to the success of the Warriors. They have reached the NBA Finals in all four seasons with him on the bench, coming away with three championships.

With one season remaining on a five-year contract, Kerr, 52, feels the timing is right. His health has improved to the degree that he’s comfortable making a commitment beyond the 2018-19 season.

There will be no news conference, as often is the case with players, related to Kerr’s extension. It’s evident the former high school sports writer and TV analyst wishes to avoid speculation in hopes of moving past his contract status and into the summer.

And into free agency, which, eventually, will bury the news of his extension.

Jazz a revenge game for Jonas Jerebko? 'Don’t really care about them anymore'


Jazz a revenge game for Jonas Jerebko? 'Don’t really care about them anymore'

In July 2017, Jonas Jerebko signed a two-year, $8.2 million deal with the Jazz. But the second year -- worth $4.2 million -- was non-guaranteed, and Utah waived him in early July.

On Friday night, Jerebko will face his former team. So, is he hoping for some payback?

The answer is no, writes Mark Medina of the Bay Area News Group:

It sounds absurd to Jerebko about wanting a revenge game after spending only one season with the Jazz. “I don’t really care about them anymore,” said Jerebko, though he said he still remains “good friends” with his former teammates.

Come on, Jonas. Say something inflammatory! After all, the Jazz did cost him about $2 million (because he's making just under $2.2 million this year with the Warriors).

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Jerebko appeared in 74 games (19 starts) with Utah last season, averaging 5.8 points and 3.3 rebounds while shooting over 41 percent from deep. It's a very small sample size, but the "Swedish Larry Bird" (Google it) still is looking to find his footing with the Warriors. He's staying patient.

“You have to adapt to the new system,” Jerebko told BANG. “It’s not going to be in two weeks. It’s going to take some time."

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Andre Iguodala's absence would hurt Warriors now but could help long term

Andre Iguodala's absence would hurt Warriors now but could help long term

OAKLAND -- Andre Iguodala did not participate in practice Thursday and is questionable for the game Friday night at Utah, Warriors coach Steve Kerr said.

If Iguodala is unable to play, Kerr will have go deeper into a bench with several untested players. That’s in stark contrast to what Iguodala brings as a veteran with a knack for stabilizing the team at both ends.

“If he doesn’t play, that really affects everything,” he said. “But we’ll play a lot of people, like we usually do.”

Another concern is that the next two games, against the Jazz, and in Denver against the Nuggets, are at altitude. Iguodala’s absence, due to tightness in his left calf, would shorten the rotation considerably when players are needed most.

As it is, Kerr is indicated that the team is still getting into “game shape,” which could be an issue in Salt Lake City and Denver.

“The altitude will be interesting,” he said. “It’s one way of getting over the hump, I guess, is go to 6,000 feet or whatever it is.”

The altitude in Salt Lake City is a little more than 4,200 feet, with Denver another 1,000 feet higher.

Whereas Iguodala usually is the first player off the bench, that role likely falls to veteran Shaun Livingston, who brings similar size with slightly different skills. Livingston, however, is most effective when playing between 15 and 20 minutes.

That would open the door to playing time for Alfonzo McKinnie, whose strong preseason earned him a spot on the roster, as well as rookie Jacob Evans III.

“I’m going to throw everybody out there at some point,” Kerr said. “If Andre’s not playing, you’ll see Alfonzo out there a little bit more. Whatever the game calls for. But I’m not afraid to put anybody out there.”

The Warriors can only play those that are healthy. They’d like it if Iguodala can suit up. If he can’t, there will be some strange lineups featuring some new faces.

That might not be good for the games this weekend, but it should pay off over the course of the season.