Payton II earns praise after terrific stint in Warriors' win


Gary Payton II played the final nine minutes and 14 seconds of the Warriors' win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night.

And the 28-year-old during that time certainly made his presence felt, recording 10 points, three rebounds, four steals and one block.

“He was fantastic," Steve Kerr told the media. "My assistant coaches have been telling me when we put him in, we’re not going to want to take him out because of his defense. Now I see it.

"He was all over the place. He's got great hands [and] anticipation. Who knows what’s going to happen rotation-wise, but he was very impressive.”

Payton II's 10-day contract expires after Golden State's game at the Boston Celtics on Saturday night.

It remains to be seen whether he gets a second 10-day deal or if the Warriors go in a different direction.

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Regardless of what happens, he definitely caught Draymond Green's attention with his performance against the Thunder.

"He's always had a defensive reputation. He was great out there," the three-time NBA champion said. "That's his real first opportunity since coming in a 10-day and he took total advantage of it. Anytime you got dog like he got, you give yourself a chance.

"It was incredible to watch."

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