SAN FRANCISCO -- Glenn Robinson III sat in his Chase Center locker still reconciling how far time has taken him away from the comfortable confines.

Now a member of the Philadelphia 76ers, he's far removed from the organization he covets. Instead, he's pondering his current circumstance.

"I think change is," Robinson told NBC Sports Bay Area before trailing off. "Some people take to change a little bit differently than others.

"Me, I like change, but just trying to," Robinson added, trailing off a second time. "It's just a lot. It's a lot going on." 

At the moment, Robinson -- who was traded by the Warriors along with Alec Burks last month -- is in a stage of pause on a playoff-bound team while figuring out how to find his own way.

"From the move to the style of play, to everything," Robinson said. "I think just taking it one day at a time is the thing that I'm trying to focus on now in what happened, as far as the year I was having or the team I was on. It was a whole new team. I have a whole different role. I'm just trying to execute that and just take it one day at a time."

Robinson's current mindset bears little resemblance to his time with the Warriors. After signing a one-year "prove it" contract, he averaged 12.9 points per game while shooting a career-high 48.1 percent from the field, revitalizing his career along the way. Additionally, he was frequently tasked with guarding the opponent's best player, potentially building his value into a lucrative deal this summer. 


Now, through 10 games with the Sixers, Robinson's scoring numbers have been nearly cut in half and his contract value has seemingly dwindled. Worse, potentially long-term injuries to franchise pillars Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid could cripple Philadelphia's playoff chances, forcing a conundrum upon Robinson. 

"It can be frustrating," Robinson said. "I know I was brought here to help the team win, but now I'm trying to figure out the best way possible to help the team win. What I can do with my role.

"My role on the Warriors was, I was guarding the best player every night. I was coming off shooting threes and getting my game to help the team. What can I do best here? That's my main goal, my main thought. Obviously, the other stuff that lingers in your head is your value of this summer, but I try to just take it one day at a time because that's all I can control at this point."

Much of Robinson's career has been defined by movement. During his first six seasons, he played for four different teams. Last season, his only contract offers came from the Rockets and the Warriors. Now, faced with another summer decision, he said he'll be patient. 

"I may just explore all options possible," Robinson said. "I think that taking it one day at a time will help me get there. When I first got here, I was looking at the big picture of the home run instead of base after base. We'll see. I'm excited about it." 

Is a Bay Area reunion out of the question?

"Would I rule out? Not with this organization," Robinson said. "They were really great to me, and like I said, really changed my career, so it's no bad feelings, no hard love for Golden State."

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For now, Robinson will focus on his current team, and continue to strive for a title. 

"I think that we are true contenders," Robinson said of the Sixers. "I like the team. I like everybody on this team can hoop. I think that's the biggest thing.

"We definitely have the potential to be able to accomplish whatever we want to. I think that we all got to be connected in order to get that main goal, and I think that the sacrifice of that championship that we want is great. Everybody has to be willing to sacrifice something."