How Iguodala used Redick's contract when almost leaving Dubs

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Andre Iguodala in the summer of 2017 came very close to leaving the Warriors in free agency.

But in the end, the 2015 NBA Finals MVP signed a three-year, $48 million contract to stay with Golden State.

Multiple stories have been told about those free-agent negotiations, but Iguodala revealed another funny anecdote this week during an appearance on the Old Man & the Three podcast with J.J. Redick.

Redick: "You pulled the biggest boss move [laughter] maybe in modern NBA history. You get traded to the [Memphis] Grizzlies, sit out, go to [the] Miami [Heat]. And then having not played a game, you get a [two-year, $30 million contract] and then Miami makes the Finals for your sixth straight Finals appearance ... this guy. You have been touched. It's like God has touched you and said, 'Look after this man.' It's unbelievable."

Iguodala: "I've never made $23 million a year in my life [laughter]."

Redick: "It was an anomaly. It was an anomaly [laughter]."

Iguodala: "You know what's funny. I went into negotiations -- that year I re-signed with the Warriors but I seriously was considering other teams -- and one of the teams needed a culture change. They needed to overpay to get me. [So] I was like, 'J.J. Redick's contract [for] multiple years.' That was my response [laughter]."


Iguodala immediately responded by mentioning $23 million because that's how much Redick earned during the 2017-18 season on a one-year deal with the Philadelphia 76ers.

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Good stuff all around.

And finally, did you know that Iguodala, Redick and Carmelo Anthony are the final three players remaining from the high school class of 2002 who still are playing in the NBA?

There's your fun fact of the day.

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