How Frye reacted to Steph's 62 points in Warriors' win


Oh how the tables have turned. 

Former NBA forward Channing Frye, just like everyone else, showered Steph Curry with praise after the Warriors star scored a career-high 62 points Sunday night in Golden State's 137-122 win over the Portland Trail Blazers at Chase Center. 

"When Steph is playing like this, you've got to now starting talking about him in the MVP race," Frye said Sunday night on NBA TV. "This is what people expect since Klay is out. For him and the Warriors to make the playoffs, he doesn't need to score 62 every single night, but he's gonna have to have to have that MVP-style season."

This comes on the heels of Frye calling out Curry's "legacy" on the latest episode of "Dubs Talk." Frye, who played against Curry in three NBA Finals, losing two, believes the two-time MVP needs to prove he can win this season without stars like Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant. 

“Yes they won championships, I guess that’s all that matters,” Frye said. “But I think at the end, I’m just saying this as someone on the outside, it almost looks like it diminishes everything that was accomplished beforehand. It takes away the lore of the Warriors. Until the Warriors go back without him, it’s like, ‘Well, you had to have a stacked team with five Hall of Famers on it.’ … This is the question, and this is unfair, but can Steph do that now?”

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Frye's comments, of course, made Twitter lose its collective mind. There's no doubt that Curry heard his doubters after the Warriors' tough 2-3 start while he struggled shooting the ball. He channeled his inner Michael Jordan after his record performance, and took to Instagram to quiet his critics. 

Despite being the son of a former NBA player, Curry always has thrived off being the underdog -- the skinny kid from Davidson. For one more night, Curry reminded Frye and the rest of the world just how strong his powers still are when doubted. 

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