How Dame feels about him and Steph seeing box-and-one defense

  • Programming note: Part 1 of Dorell Wright's exclusive conversation with Damian Lillard will air Friday night at 6:30 on "Warriors Pregame Live" on NBC Sports Bay Area

Steph Curry and Damian Lillard know what it's like when defenses double-team them.

They also know how it feels to see the very unusual "box-and-one" deployed to try and slow them down.

Dorell Wright -- who was teammates with both star guards and now is a Warriors analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area -- recently asked Dame how frustrating it is when teams give him an insane amount of defensive attention.

"It's a sign of respect," the Portland Trail Blazers' star guard said. "You try to manage it. You try to navigate your way to still try to get your job done. Nobody is gonna feel bad for you. Nobody is gonna be like, 'Oh, they just double-teamed him.' 

"They're gonna be like, 'If you really are who you say who you are, figure it out. Find a way.' So it can be frustrating at times because they're forcing you to give it up and you gotta find other ways to be effective.

"But once you've gone through it enough, you start to figure out ways to still be productive."

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Steph and Dame will face off Friday night at Chase Center and will do battle again Sunday evening.

The two-time NBA MVP is averaging more points (26.7) vs. the Blazers than any other Western Conference team.

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Lillard, meanwhile, is averaging 28.9 points in 27 career games against Golden State, his highest output vs. any franchise.

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