How did Warriors get their 'Dubs' nickname?


The Boston Celtics will be taking on all of Dub Nation in the 2022 NBA Finals.

The Golden State Warriors are back in the Finals for the sixth time in eight years. As if containing three-time NBA champions Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green isn’t enough, the Celtics will have to deal with a raucous environment to start the series.

Dub Nation, the Warriors’ fan base, will pack Chase Center on Thursday for Game 1 of the Finals. That nickname comes from one that was given to the team first.

So, how did the Warriors get their “Dubs” nickname?

People shortened Warriors to “W’s” and even shorter to “Dubs.” It’s the same reasoning behind most nicknames, like calling the Celtics the “Celts” or “C’s.”

The Warriors aren’t just called “Dubs” – they earn them, too. With three championships and six Finals appearances since 2015, Golden State has picked up a whole lot of wins.


Now, the Celtics will attempt to hand the Dubs an “L” on the big stage.