How Draymond put a lot of work into his body this offseason


Draymond Green was sidelined for the Warriors' first preseason game Saturday night, and did not participate in any of the team's training camp practices last week.

But the three-time NBA champion took the floor with his teammates Monday morning as he gets his body and mind ready to go for the 2020-21 NBA season.

So how does he feel after Day 1?

"Pretty good. Just got to get my wind back," he told the media Monday afternoon. "I've been shooting and stuff. My game feels pretty good, gotta tighten it back up a little bit.

"But overall, I feel pretty good -- all things considered."

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Draymond said he has been training since June to prepare himself for the upcoming season and is champing at the bit to turn up the intensity.

"I feel great physically," he explained. "A lot of work went into this offseason -- on the court and in the weight room. A lot of hip mobility work, core strengthening, conditioning.

"Just a bunch of different stuff to get my body where it needs to be -- getting all the limbs moving the right way. Should be good for me."

When the Warriors open the regular season Dec. 22 against the Brooklyn Nets, they will be playing in their first real game since March 10.


Draymond isn't concerned about the incredibly long layoff?


"I'm happy with the nine months [between games]," he said. "My body feels as good as it's felt in a long time. I was able to get a lot work in on my game, as opposed to a month-and-a-half leading up to the season.

"So I appreciated the nine months."

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It sure sounds like the three-time NBA All-Star has all the confidence in his ability to elevate his game.

"I definitely have to play well, and I'm looking forward to playing well," he said. "Looking forward to playing a great brand of basketball.

"Getting back to myself and what's made me in this league."

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