JTA recalls Draymond's response when ref told him to 'shut up'


Starting out in the NBA as an unproven, young player can be difficult, to say the least. Warriors guard Juan Toscano-Anderson can attest, finding his way to Golden State after a long journey around the world of basketball. 

Toscano-Anderson's inspirational story as the hometown kid who found his way onto the roster of the only NBA team he has dreamt of playing for took center-stage this season. 

Toscano-Anderson joined the The Ringer's "Real Ones Podcast" with Logan Murdock where he discussed his memorable season with the Warriors, and one moment where he felt the support from one of his teammates. 

“I remember in a game there was a referee, and I was talking to [Denver Nuggets star] Nikola Jokic," Toscano-Anderson said. "I checked him coming through the paint, and he was crying to the ref. We laughed, like ‘Dang bro, you’re the biggest dude on the court, why are you crying?’ Then the ref comes to me and walks by and says ‘be quiet, or else.’ "

Confused at the referee's comments, Toscano-Anderson had to be careful with how he chose to respond. 

"I said, ‘What do you mean be quiet, or else? I can’t talk? It’s a competitive game,’ " Toscano-Anderson continued. "He said ‘No, shut up or else.' I told [Draymond Green], ‘Hey, why is this ref talking to me like that?’ Dray let his ass have it. Those types of things -- for me, I'm on a [two-way contract] -- I can't say anything. I have no leverage, I don't have any stripes.


"I get that, but at the same time, this ref is kind of like [disrespecting] me and that’s not OK. I told Dray and Dray let his ass have it.”

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Find yourself a teammate who will have your back like Draymond. The Warriors' veteran has never been afraid to speak his mind, and will always stand up for one of his teammates. 

Toscano-Anderson has shown plenty of promise throughout his short stint with the team. Maybe next season he'll have a little more of a reputation built up for situations like these.

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