E-40 won't be one to tell the Warriors' stars when to go. 

Bleacher Report asked the legendary Bay Area rapper in a video published Thursday what he would do if he was Golden State's general manager for a day. Every basketball executive has got choices, and one of E-40's first would be to sign Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to lifetime deals. 

"Because they are the core," E-40 said. "They are the ones who started it all. And they built it from the ground up. Like, they didn't -- they wasn't superstars at first. They made themselves into superstars. I think because of that, they deserve it."

The NBA's collective bargaining agreement only allows teams to re-sign with their teams for up to five years, but I wouldn't put it past E-40 to snap his fingers and do it all by himself. A lifelong Warriors fan, 40 has seen Golden State evolve from afterthoughts to the toast of the league within the last decade. With three rings to their names and an era of the NBA defined by their dominance, Curry, Thompson and Green need to do little else to end their careers as the most accomplished players in Warriors history. 

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If anyone deserves such an honor, it would be the Warriors' superstar trio. Of course, E-40 said that wouldn't be his first order of business as Golden State's GM. 


"Rappers such as E-40 has complimentary seats," he told Bleacher Report. "'Cuz they show a lot of support for the region, for the team, for the cause. I think that home-team advantage and just seeing support [is important, and] not only that, but at the same time, the love is showed back."

He is out here trying to function, after all.