How Paschall's new diet became bedrock of success with Dubs


You remember those days. After a practice or a game, you’d head to the local fast food place as a reward. Diet didn’t matter -- you were unstoppable and you hadn’t even heard the word “metabolism” yet. 

It appeared that was similar to how Warriors forward Eric Paschall had it.

“Especially as a little kid you think you can eat whatever and go play basketball,” Paschall said in the latest ‘Headstrong.’”

Things of course changed as the 2019-20 All-Rookie selection got older and excelled in his career. The Villanova product began to put more importance on nutrition. 

“As I got older I started to learn better eating habits and you start to understand what you need to put into your body,” Paschall added.

He said it made him a better player.

After Paschall was selected by the Warriors in the second round of the 2019 draft, his entire career’s foundation began to take shape around health and fitness. The Warriors' nutrition staff played a pivotal role.

“We got a whole bunch of guys that try to keep you on track,” he said.

The team's chef has helped Paschall develop a diet featuring fewer carbs and more protein-rich foods.

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He’s already noticing the difference in his everyday life. Unfortunately, he had to rid himself of his favorite childhood treat: French fries. 

You can watch the full feature above as part of the HeadStrong 2.0 series.