How involved is Steph in Warriors' roster decisions?


The Warriors enter a pivotal moment this offseason where they have the opportunity to possibly extend a title contention window with the old guard of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

With critical roster decisions that need to be made soon, the Warriors' front office could turn to Curry for some counsel.

Although Curry is not known for meddling in the roster decision affairs, is he more active in decisions now more than ever?

"Maybe so," Warriors executive vice president of basketball operations Kirk Lacob answered on the latest episode of the Dubs Talk podcast.

"Steph is not the type to call you and tell you what to do, tell you how to do your job. He obviously will give you his opinion when you ask, and sometimes he's got strong opinions, sometimes he says, 'Eh, I don't know much about this'," Lacob explained.

Curry is well known for being a fun-loving, family-oriented man that is fully capable and willing to separate his time playing basketball from his enjoyment of everyday life. So while he might not have his fingerprints on most Warriors decisions, he will not sugarcoat his opinions either.

"He's genuine, there is no BS to him," Lacob said. "So, yeah we definitely ask his opinion on things, he's earned that. And like I said, sometimes he has strong opinions, sometimes he doesn't." 

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Curry's involvement sounds very true to his character, in that he is always willing to help where it is needed, but will not consume himself with matters he does not inevitably control, nor overstep in making demands. He simply is not going to give a strong opinion all the time.


That's not the case with everyone though.

"Draymond has strong opinions on everything," Lacob says laughing.

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