How Wiseman looked in first practice to Draymond and Kerr


After missing all five training camp practices and the Warriors' first preseason game last week, James Wiseman took the floor Monday morning with his teammates.

So how did the No. 2 overall pick in last month's draft look during practice?

"James was all over the place today, which was great to see," Draymond Green told the media Monday afternoon. "His energy was through the roof, which took him out of positions at time -- which I love to see because you can teach positioning, but you can't teach high energy.

"It seems to me as if he's gonna be a sponge. He asks a bunch of questions. You need some answers, that's the right thing to do. It's nothing to be shy about. He's definitely been paying attention.

"He didn't look too bad out there. Sometimes first practice you're a little giddy and all over the place -- which was the case. But like I said, you'd much rather coach that up than trying to tell a guy to play harder.

"Fantastic to see."

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Shortly after Draymond (who also practiced for the first time) spoke, Steve Kerr offered his assessment on Wiseman.

"He was playing with huge energy -- flying around everywhere," the Warriors' coach said. "A couple guys came off the floor at one point [and] just shook their heads like, 'Man. This guy is massive.'


"So it's really exciting. The potential is there for James to really make an impact. And he had a really good first day. But so much to learn. Long way to go."

Any plays in particular stand out?

"He made several great screens. he seems to be a very natural screen setter. A couple screens and dives to the rim where he opened up wide open shooters on the weak side. He did it twice in a row during our drill work.

"There's so much to learn, but he's got an enthusiasm and an energy about him. And he's got a pretty good feel, too. He's very knowledgeable and seems to be picking up the plays pretty quickly.

"Today was a really good stride."

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Wiseman will not play in the Warriors' preseason game Tuesday night against the Kings, but might take the court Thursday night in Sacramento.

Golden State opens the regular season next Tuesday against Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets.

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