How Oubre has blocked out noise amid up-and-down season


It hasn't been the smoothest start to Kelly Oubre's tenure with the Warriors. Significant struggles on the offensive end and inconsistency wasn't what fans were hoping for when the organization dipped into the luxury tax to acquire the 25-year-old in the wake of Klay Thompson's season-ending injury.

Trade rumors even popped up at one point, but Oubre finally had his coming out party in the Warriors' dominant win over the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday, putting up a career-high 40 points and becoming the first Warrior outside of Thompson and his fellow Splash Brother Steph Curry to score at least 40 with seven or more made 3-pointers in a Warriors victory.

Oubre explained how he has tried to align his focus amid all the outside noise.

"Yeah, I'm off social media. I'm just focusing on what's in front of me each and every day, this team, my family, and that's all I really care about man," Oubre told reporters Friday. "So, just focusing on that, it really helps me get through these days."

Now playing with his fourth NBA franchise (Oubre was traded to Oklahoma City in November but was there just six days before being sent to the Warriors), Oubre has an appreciation for the support he's gotten from the Warriors.

"A great organization, it's just comforting knowing that even on my darkest days, I know for a fact that there's 100 percent transparency," Oubre said.

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Oubre also explained how he tries to maintain his mindfulness and mental health amid the grind of an NBA season, utilizing meditation prior to games.

"It's always helped me, it really just allows me to center, block out all outside forces. if you ever see me pregame I'll sit on the sideline and meditate, I'll just look at the four lines on the court and just block out everything that's not within those four lines, and just go out there and do my job."

There was so much focus on what Oubre couldn't do in recent weeks, and how he hasn't exactly thrived alongside Curry when both are on the court. But Thursday night demonstrated all the things he can do, not only maximizing his offensive potential, but continuing to be incredibly energetic on defense, even earning an impressive block on 7-foot-4 Mavericks center Boban Marjanović.

He's had his struggles on the court, but Oubre doesn't need to score 40 every night for the Warriors to win. Andrew Wiggins and Curry handle the lion's share of the scoring output, and James Wiseman's points per game average should continue to rise as he gets more NBA experience under his belt.

Oubre clearly cares about winning above all else, as he twice emphasized during his media availability that his favorite part of a career scoring night was "the win." With an attitude like that and continued dedication to improving on the offensive end, there is no reason to worry about Oubre's fit in the Warriors' scheme.

For now, Oubre is focusing on taking things one day at a time and not sweating the small stuff.

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