How Looney had to hammer home point about Steph to teammates

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Kevon Looney understands that his main responsibility within the Warriors' offense is to get Steph Curry open shots.

And he -- along with Draymond Green -- is very good at doing just that.

But early this season, a bunch of the Warriors' other players struggled with adapting to playing alongside the greatest shooter in basketball history.

And Looney recently explained to Marcus Thompson of The Athletic how these teammates just didn't have the proper mindset.

“I felt like for the first few preseason games, guys were just treating him like he was just a regular star and he wasn’t one of the best players in the league," the 25-year-old explained. "I was telling them when Steph gets it going, ain’t no show on Earth like this.

"I’ve been gassing him up and telling them how special it is and how different it is to see it live."

And then on Jan. 3 against the Portland Trail Blazers, Steph racked up a career-high 62 points.

"For many of them, that game was the first time they got to see him actually go crazy and how he controls the game," Looney said. "I told ’em.”

It wasn't smooth sailing from that point on, however, as the Warriors were very inconsistent for much of the season.

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But Golden State unleashed Curry in the final month, as the two-time NBA MVP averaged 37.2 points over the last 19 games.


"It is a full-fledged effort, especially with the sets that we run, in order for me to continue to get looks," Curry told Thompson. "Especially with the way defenses are guarding me. It requires everybody to be on the same page.

"Honestly, they help me get open, I help them get open. There’s great balance to it. It’s a fun way to play.”

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