Steph Curry and D'Angelo Russell played their first game together as new teammates in the Warriors' preseason opener Saturday night, so they're naturally still working on building trust and communication.

Having spent relatively little time with the two-time NBA MVP, it's understandable why Russell wouldn't be accustomed to playing alongside the same sort of flair Curry brings to the table on a nightly basis. But, as he quickly learned Saturday, he better get used to it.

In the first-ever game at Chase Center, Curry was determined to make the first shot -- but only in fitting with his style. After the Lakers missed the opening basket, Curry dribbled up the court and launched a 3-pointer from midway between the 3-point line and half-court.

The shot didn't touch iron. In fact, it didn't touch anything at all.

The fact that it was an airball caught most onlookers by surprise. However, Russell had a hard time believing Curry even attempted the shot.

"He said it, and I didn't take it that serious, but as soon as he got it, he shot it," Russell recalled following the loss to the Lakers. "I wish you could have saw my face in slow-mo ... I was so shocked.

"Man, that's having fun with the game."

It turns out, Russell even knew the heave was coming. Curry had clued him in just before tipoff.

"I'm just saying what's up to all of the broadcasters or whatever, and he's like, 'Yo, I might shoot that thing right away,'" Russell continued. "And I was like, 'S--t, I might shoot it, too!' I'm joking, and he was completely serious."


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While the end result of Saturday's game was no laughing matter -- the Warriors were beaten handily, 123-101 -- it wasn't entirely humorless, evidently.

The two All-Star guards will be building their trust all season long, but the next time Curry tells Russell he's going to launch from way back, here's guessing he'll believe him.