How Wolves trading No. 1 draft pick could affect Warriors

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At the end of last Thursday's NBA draft lottery, the Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves were the final two teams standing.

Ultimately, the ping pong balls determined that Golden State had the rights to the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, and Minnesota won the top prize.

Will the T-Wolves select Anthony Edwards or LaMelo Ball? Despite already having star big man Karl-Anthony Towns, will they shock everybody and take 7-foot-1 prospect James Wiseman? Or, might they choose to trade the selection to a franchise eager to snag somebody at No. 1 overall?

"We've gotta be very diligent about our options -- both picking and trading," president of basketball operations Gersson Rosas told NBC Sports' Tom Haberstroh on "The Habershow" podcast. "But we'll see. It's a very fluid situation -- the pandemic -- with everything that's going on with the bubble in Orlando, how those playoffs (and) the Finals play out, and how we go into a new team-building season for the league as a whole."

It's no secret that the Warriors are going to canvass the market and see what value the second pick holds. And don't forget that the Dubs have the T-Wolves' 2021 top-three protected first-rounder (which becomes unprotected in 2022) to package in any potential deal, so it's safe to assume general manager Bob Myers will find out what combining those two assets could fetch in return.


If the T-Wolves aggressively shop the No. 1 pick, in theory that could create more competition for the Warriors when it comes to striking a deal. But it actually might give Golden State a little leverage because other franchises would know Minnesota isn't in love with any prospect. 

Additionally, Myers and Rosas worked together in February when they executed the Andrew Wiggins-D'Angelo Russell trade. So perhaps they will share draft intel with each other so both executives are as informed as possible on what the competition is thinking.

One other key variable is timing. Given all the uncertainty surrounding the league's financial situation, teams might hold off on agreeing to any deals until the very last minute. This could create some chaos and force organizations to make extremely important decisions in somewhat of a rushed manner.

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For example, it might be impossible for the Warriors to agree to terms on a deal well in advance of the draft and start of free agency because nobody knows what ownership will permit when it comes to the financials. Having said that, every front office should be using this additional time to prepare for myriad scenarios.

Ultimately, the T-Wolves could make a decision that has a domino effect, and causes the Dubs to somewhat pivot. But the reality is that whatever path Minnesota goes down shouldn't have a dramatic impact on the Warriors. 

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