How Warriors' trade offer for Beal compares to other suitors


The Bradley Beal sweepstakes are getting more and more interesting as each day passes and we get closer to a final verdict of whether or not the Washington Wizards star intends to ask for a trade before Thursday's NBA draft.

When all is said and done, the 28-year-old guard has most of the power to decide where he eventually ends up, as he will make it known the destinations that he would consider re-signing with after he likely declines his player option following next season.

It has been reported that as of now, the assumed preferred destinations for Beal would be the Boston Celtics, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Golden State Warriors.

So which one of those teams would have the best trade package to entice the Wizards to make a deal?

Well, it really depends on the timeline the Wizards are hoping for in their rebuild.

If, and this is a major if, the Boston Celtics decide that they are willing to trade their young star wing Jaylen Brown in a deal for Beal, then the Celtics have a leg up on all three packages with the best player available to be acquired.

There have not been any reports that conclude Brown would be made available, however, and if he is not, then the Celtics' trade packages are severely limited in comparison to the other two teams.


The Sixers have the most NBA-ready deep packages of young players of the three teams. They could include enigmatic All-Star Ben Simmons, or very promising young players such as Tyrese Maxey, Mattise Thybulle and Shake Milton.

A package centered around a couple of these players could prove to be a combination of shortening the timeline for the Wizards to compete again, while also focusing on the future.

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Meanwhile, the Warriors provide the best opportunity for the Wizards to rebuild their roster for the future and pick their own players to develop. The package the Warriors would offer would very likely need to include Andrew Wiggins and his salary in order to make the deal work for cap purposes.

After that, it is assumed the Wizards would demand some sort of return based around a combination of last year's No. 2 overall draft pick James Wiseman, blossoming young guard Jordan Poole, former All-Rookie Eric Paschall and a slew of picks, including this year's No. 7 and No. 14 selections, to go with future first-round picks as well. 

The Warriors' offer could be very generous for a team looking to go through a complete renovation, and the Wizards very likely would try to squeeze every asset they could out of Golden State.

But first and foremost, before any deal can fully be negotiated, Beal must make a decision on what he wants next.

And should he decide he wants a change of scenery, then let the bidding begin.

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