How training with John Wall helped Wiseman prepare for NBA


Warriors rookie James Wiseman has all the tools to be an elite rim protector in the NBA.

But what could really make him special is if he also becomes spectacular at defending in space out on the perimeter.

The No. 2 overall pick in last month's NBA draft spent a lot of the pre-draft process in Miami, and found himself playing against a lot of quick guards.

Did those sessions give him a head start on adjusting to the speed of the NBA game?

"Yes," Wiseman told the media Wednesday afternoon. "I actually trained with John Wall -- he's super quick. He was teaching me a lot of stuff and the game kind of slowed down."

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We don't yet know when Wiseman and Wall will play against each other, as the Warriors and Houston Rockets have no matchups through the first 37 games.

It's safe to assume that teams will test the 7-foot center early and often this season by putting him in high ball screen situations.

Even though Wiseman presumably has the lateral quickness to keep guys in front of him, he has a lot to learn when it comes to the nuances of studying angles and schemes, as well as understanding certain tendencies of his opponents.


It will take time for him to fully feel comfortable, but by all accounts he has the work ethic and competitive spirit to achieve greatness.

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And it certainly doesn't hurt to have off-the-charts physical gifts.

"We’ve seen big. We’ve seen strong. But his mobility is incredible," Wiseman's trainer, Andrew Moran, told The Athletic's Marcus Thompson. "That was so impressive to me.

"He’s so massive and big, yet he moves so well."

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