How Warriors' Steve Kerr feels about 2020 Tokyo Olympics postponement

How Warriors' Steve Kerr feels about 2020 Tokyo Olympics postponement

Steve Kerr was set to travel to Tokyo this summer to be an assistant coach on Gregg Popovich's Team USA staff.

But that will have to wait after the International Olympic Committee and Tokyo Olympic organizers agreed Tuesday to postpone the 2020 summer games until 2021 due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

The Warriors coach was a guest on Howard Beck's "The Full 48" podcast Monday and was asked for his feelings on the Olympics being postponed.

"It's a mix of sort of disappointment for sure, but also this is the least of anybody's worries," Kerr said. "Everything has to be taken sort of with relative concern, obviously because people have so much to worry about out there just trying to make ends meet and so many jobs on the line and so many struggling to make rent payments or take care of their kids or whatever.

"So you have to couch any sort of disappointment professionally with the perspective of what's happening in the real world. It's unfortunate, but hopefully, this is something that will be happening next summer and hopefully we'll still be coaching the team next summer. We don't know. Nobody knows anything at this stage. But we'll just wait and see."

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Along with Kerr, Warriors players Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green were among the 44 finalists for the Team USA roster.

All four now will have to wait a year to help Team USA bring home the gold medal.

Warriors' Steph Curry wants in on next iteration of 'The Match' event

Warriors' Steph Curry wants in on next iteration of 'The Match' event

Warriors star Steph Curry wants in.

Capital One’s “The Match” featuring NFL stars Tom Brady and Peyton Manning playing golf with PGA icons Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson hasn’t exactly gone according to plan. Inclement weather delayed the start, and the former Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks now are realizing just how difficult playing golf on national television can be.

Curry tweeted that he’d like to be included in the next iteration, saying that he's missing being out on the greens.

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His former teammate and course partner Andre Iguodala also is hoping Curry can bring some more skill to the event.

Who would you want to see Curry play with?

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Why Warriors thought Steve Kerr wasn't considering coaching job in 2014

Why Warriors thought Steve Kerr wasn't considering coaching job in 2014

After the Warriors moved on from Mark Jackson as head coach in 2014, the search narrowed on two final candidates: former Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy and then-TNT broadcaster Steve Kerr.

Former Warriors assistant general manager Travis Schlenk was part of the team that interviewed both contenders and says the front office at one point wasn’t sure they’d even get a chance to sit down with Kerr during the process.

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“Steve was being courted very hard by Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks,” Schlenk said  last week on 95.7 The Game. “And at one point during the process, it felt like that’s where he was going to go. And so we didn’t think that we were going to even have an opportunity to really sit down and talk with Steve.

“And I believe it was while we were meeting with Stan down in Orlando, that Steve called Bob and said he kinda had a change of heart and he wanted to meet with us.”

Kerr’s relationship with Jackson went all the way back to their days with Michael Jordan and the Bulls, which America just got to relive through ESPN’s “The Last Dance” documentary series.

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Van Gundy ultimately chose the Detroit Pistons, giving him an opportunity to oversee basketball operations as well as coach the team. Reports at the time indicated the Warriors were not willing to give Van Gundy the same universal control over basketball decision-making.

It’s safe to say Schlenk and the Warriors got the right guy, as Kerr helped bring three NBA championships to the Bay Area and the team’s success eventually led Schlenk to taking over as the Atlanta Hawks’ GM, where he has been since 2017.