As part of the sign-and-trade with the Nets that sent Kevin Durant to Brooklyn and D'Angelo Russell to the Warriors, Andre Iguodala was traded to Memphis.

The initial thought was that the 2015 NBA Finals MVP would secure a buyout with the Grizzlies and he would be free to sign with the contender of his choice (his former agent, Rob Pelinka, is the general manager of the Lakers).

But as ESPN's Tim MacMahon reported last week:

Speaking of the Mavs -- they reportedly are discussing an Iguodala trade with Memphis. Mike Fisher of DallasBasketball.com has the details:

The Dallas Mavericks' long-standing desire to shed themselves of Courtney Lee has manifested itself in a trade offer from the Mavs to Memphis that would send Lee and a second-round pick to the Grizzlies in exchange for veteran standout Andre Iguodala, sources tell DallasBasketball.com.  

The Grizzlies' so-far response, DBcom has been told, is that they are unwilling to take on the ballast of Lee's $12.759 million salary in such a deal.

Can Dallas keep this deal alive? The Mavs can pay $5 million in cash as a sweetener, thus saving Memphis $9.4 mil from where it currently stands ($5 mil from Dallas and $4.4 mil being the difference between Lee and Iggy). So while Dallas can feel it "wins'' the trade, Memphis can do the same, as the Grizzlies' net would be the Warriors' first-round pick they got with the Iggy trade along with a Dallas second-rounder, all for the cost of paying Lee about $7.7 million.

If you're a Warriors fan and are hoping that Iguodala somehow ends up back with the Dubs next season, you want him to get traded to Dallas.

Why? If the Mavs are out of playoff contention in mid-to-late February (which is very possible considering the stacked Western Conference), they would be inclined to agree to a buyout with Iguodala.

If that happens, he could sign with the Warriors for an expected playoff push.

Important caveats -- a lot can change between now and then and we don't know if either side wants this to happen, and we don't know if the Warriors will be in position to strike considering their "hardcapped" situation:


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And in case you're wondering -- if the Grizzlies execute a buyout with Iguodala (which they likely won't because they should be able to acquire an asset in a trade), CBA rules would prevent Iguodala from signing with the Dubs.

Ultimately, a lot needs to happen for an Iguodala-Warriors reunion to become a reality, so don't hold your breath.

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