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The NBA season is a long grind.

And Andre Iguodala is not a fan of the league's decision to elongate the regular season by a couple of weeks.

So what does the 2015 NBA Finals MVP do to stay as fresh as possible?

"Try to read as many books as possible," Iguodala told Mark Medina on the Planet Dubs podcast. "I don't like giving people my secrets. I think that's the key too. I don't want to be on the news. I don't like doing podcasts that often. I try to be as normal as possible.

"I'm pretty disciplined on my routine actually. I have a few things I like doing. I don't really like talking about 'em. I don't know why, I'm just wired that way. But I try to do it because it's gonna benefit not just my basketball career, but my life."

Iguodala -- who entered the league as the ninth overall pick of the 2004 NBA Draft -- has racked up a lot of mileage on his legs.

Over the first 10 seasons of his career, he averaged 37 minutes per game during the regular season, and 39 minutes per game (48 games) in the playoffs.

Then Steve Kerr arrived in May 2014, and Iguodala's numbers dropped to:

- 2014-15: 26.9 regular season, 30.2 playoffs
- 2015-16: 26.6 regular season, 32.0 playoffs
- 2016-17: 26.3 regular season, 26.2 playoffs 


Iguodala signed a 3-year, $48 million fully guaranteed deal in July. He will turn 34 on January 28.

"A lot that goes on that can weigh on your brain and it can shorten guys' careers," Iguodala said. "So you gotta stay sharp. That's the only secret I'll give you -- I try to read a whole lot of books.

"You know what's interesting -- I usually have no idea the title of the book I'm reading. I never know the author's name for some reason."

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