Shumpert reveals very unique reason he hates Warriors

Iman Shumpert, Steph Curry, LeBron James, Draymond Green

Iman Shumpert was a member of three Cleveland Cavaliers teams that faced off against the Warriors in the NBA Finals.

Shumpert, who went 1-2 against the Warriors under the bright lights, understandably has no love lost for Steph Curry and Co. However, the former swingman does have a very specific reason for hating, in sports terms, the Warriors.

"It was two different styles," Shumpert said on "The Bootleg Kev" podcast. "We kind of knew that whoever wins the most of this little war we got going, whoever wins the most chips, basketball is heading to that style. We knew it meant more because we knew the kids are either going to continue to want to go to the post and want to shoot fadeaways, or they are going to think this s--t is OK, this shooting that s--t from halfcourt s--t."

Shumpert said he and J.R. Smith were OK with Curry and Klay Thompson launching from insane distances until they started going in.

"Once this little dude started making it, [Tyronn Lue] was looking at the drawing board like, 'Y'all going to get out there? What we going to do? You shocked he making it now?' It got to that point. When I think about it now, I'm just like, they keep saying basketball changed, like they ruined it. But I'm like, you ruined the version that I like."

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Shumpert admits that he now is a fan of Curry and the Warriors. Although, he never disliked Klay.

"Klay Thompson does not complain to refs," Shumpert said. "He's not going to do the, 'Oh, ref look at him!' Man, you grab Klay Thompson, you grab hold of him, that man will chop your wrist down so fast. Like, man I love this young, light-skinned dude. This brother don't care man. He's willing to fight me. That's how I felt about Klay Thompson. He is willing to fight me just to get off this screen. He doesn't care. He looked right at the ref and pushed me in my throat ... They called an offensive foul and he just ran back down the court like he don't give a f--k. I'm like I love these dudes."

While the Warriors rubbed Shumpert the wrong way during his playing days, Thompson's approval rating remains at 100 percent.

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