Why Spears believes IT could be 'great pickup' for Warriors


As training camp approaches, the Warriors are trying to put the finishing touches to their 2021-22 roster. The main objective right now is to find the right piece to fill the 15th spot on the roster, with guard depth specifically in focus. 

Bob Myers and the front office have brought in veteran guards for workouts over the last couple weeks and into this week to take a closer look at the candidates to round out the bench. According to ESPN's Marc Spears, there is one candidate in particular that sticks out above the rest.

"I love the banter about Isaiah Thomas right now," Spears said on the latest episode of the Dubs Talk podcast. 

"Very intriguing prospect to bring in," Spears said. "Isaiah told me he is healthier right now than he has been in like five years. If that is the case, that is when he was an All-Star caliber player putting up big numbers."

Five years ago, in the 2016-17 season for the Boston Celtics, Thomas averaged nearly 29 points per game with six assists. Thomas finished fifth in NBA MVP voting that season, one spot ahead of Steph Curry. If he was any semblance of that version of himself, then surely he will be on an NBA roster this season.

But since that incredible season, Thomas has faced a slew of injuries including hip surgery that have hindered his career. Health would therefore be a major factor in determining if he can still contribute in the league. 


But would the former star be able to adjust to the Warriors from a deep bench spot with limited playing time? Spears believes so.

"He intrigues me because he has the right mentality where he does not have to be the star of the team like he was. Certainly, he has been humbled in unfair ways, because of injuries and other things that have happened in his life, so I think he would be very appreciative to be on a team like this," Spears explained.

The Warriors definitely could use some pure scoring and playmaking depth off the bench when Curry sits, as they have been severely lacking in that department for the last couple of seasons. A healthy Thomas is the type of veteran that has the ability to provide that punch.

"So if you take Steph out and give him a breather, and someone like Isaiah can come in and get buckets, I think that ultimately helps Steph too," Spears said. "It would give [Curry] a nice breather, somebody that can keep some scoring going and kind of play the Steph Curry role while he is out."

"Do you expect [Steph] to play 82 games? If he takes a game off, [Isaiah] is the type of guy that can play the role of Steph Curry," Spears explained.

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The Warriors currently are counting on 22-year-old Jordan Poole to play the role of scoring spark plug off the bench. Poole showed flashes of impressive growth in his game and excellence scoring the rock last season, but is yet to prove that he can be consistent each and every night. 

To Spears, adding veteran guard depth like Thomas, to help Poole and especially Curry, is a need for a Warriors team hoping to be a title contender. 

"I wish we could be a fly on the wall and watch these workouts, because to me, if he is healthy as he tells me he is, I think he could be a great pick up to help Steph," Spears said.

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