Just before the NBA trade deadline in early February, former Warriors forward Andre Iguodala was traded by the Memphis Grizzlies to the Miami Heat. A couple days prior, Grizzlies rookie Ja Morant took some shots at the 2015 NBA Finals MVP and Golden State superstar Steph Curry.

Why? He explained his decisions during a recent appearance on Showtime's "All the Smoke" with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson:

"I'mma be 100 with you -- coming in, when they said he (Iguodala) was gonna be on our roster, I was very excited. Having a vet like that in the locker room with us. I was looking forward to learning some stuff from him. Whatever happened -- like you said, it's a business. All different type of stuff go around.

"Somebody said that he said we weren't good enough. So in my head -- at that moment -- it is what it is ... it came out, Dillon said something and it was out there now. Everybody started chiming in -- Curry

"I still got respect for those guys, still a fan of them. But it is what it is. I felt like -- we not taking no disrespect. Where I'm from, it's one for all. We ride for ours. At that moment, that's what it was."

In case you forgot, here's what happened:

After the Grizzlies' win over the Detroit Pistons on Feb. 3, Morant tweeted the following:

Steph then posted to Instagram late that night:

Morant responded the next morning:

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On Feb. 5, we learned that the two-time NBA MVP and rookie guard exchanged DMs to clear the air.

“I still respect Curry as a player and person," Morant later told reporters. "But like I said, I’m a competitor at the end of the day. (I) felt like everybody in this league lace their shoes up like I do, so there’s no point for me to be scared of anybody.”


So there you go.

If and when basketball returns, Warriors-Grizzlies games will be appointment television ...

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