Ja Morant, top NBA draft prospect, chooses Kevin Durant over LeBron James

Ja Morant, top NBA draft prospect, chooses Kevin Durant over LeBron James

Ja Morant soon will know his first NBA team, but he can't exactly pick his teammates. 

The Murray State guard is considered one of the best prospects in the 2019 NBA Draft. He'll likely be a top three pick come June 20, with many pegging him to the Grizzlies at No. 2 overall.

If he could choose his ultimate starting five, though, he'd only have one Warrior. 

"Whew, it's a tough decision for the 3. I don't know if I'd pick KD or Bron," Morant said on the latest episode of Take it There with Taylor Rooks. "Probably KD. Because Bron, but I feel like I can be that facilitator for this team." 

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Morant rounded out his lineup with himself as the point guard, Paul George at shooting guard, Giannis Antetokounmpo at power forward, and Anthony Davis at center.

Morant averaged 24.5 points, 10 assists and 5.7 rebounds per game as a sophomore this season for Murray State.

Andre Iguodala vows he’ll 'be just fine' after reported Grizzlies arrangement

Andre Iguodala vows he’ll 'be just fine' after reported Grizzlies arrangement

For the moment, Andre Iguodala is a member of the Memphis Grizzlies organization.

But Iguodala and the Grizzlies reportedly have agreed to an arrangement where the former Warriors star won't attend training camp and the team will keep trying to trade him.

Despite all that drama, it doesn't appear Iguodala is too worried about his future, as evidenced by a Twitter reply to NBC Sports Bay Area Warriors reporter Kerith Burke.

After six seasons with the Warriors, Iguodala was traded to Memphis because Golden State needed to clear salary cap space.

But from the very beginning, there was little chance Iguodala would ever suit up for the Grizzlies, who are in full rebuild mode.

NBC Sports Bay Area's Monte Poole spoke with Iguodala over the weekend, and asked the 2015 NBA Finals MVP about the possibility of playing for Memphis.

“We’ll see,” Iguodala said. “OK, maybe I shouldn’t say we’ll see. But we’re trying to figure out things on both sides. They’re trying to figure out some things, and I’m trying to figure out some things. As of today, we’re on the same page. Camp opens the next week. We’ll see. We’re on the same page, though.”

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Whatever happens, it sounds like Iguodala will be just fine.

Klay Thompson felt he was at 'peak of my NBA career' when he tore ACL

Klay Thompson felt he was at 'peak of my NBA career' when he tore ACL

Klay Thompson was in the midst of another "Game 6 Klay" performance.

It was a do-or-die night for the Warriors and Thompson was dominating the Toronto Raptors at Oracle Arena on June 13.

In 32 minutes, Thompson had scored a game-high 30 points and was helping the Warriors stave off elimination.

But what happened next made every Warriors fan cringe.

With the Warriors up three points and trying to take control, Thompson went up for an emphatic fastbreak dunk. Instead, Danny Green fouled the Warriors shooting guard, who landed awkwardly and ended up tearing his left ACL.

“I felt like the best version I’ve ever felt of myself in that NBA Finals,” Thompson told The Athletic's Marcus Thomspon. “I kid you not.”

The rest is the stuff of legends. Thompson, in the tunnel outside the Warriors locker room, jogged back out and hit two free throws -- on a torn ACL -- before leaving the game.

But for Thompson, getting hurt at that moment is something he can't get over.

“I think about that every day,” Thompson told The Athletic. “That’s just the humbling part of sports -- when you feel like you’re at your best, something traumatic can happen. But I honestly felt like I was at the peak of my NBA career up to that point. I was at my best. The way I was shooting the ball, the way I was playing defense. I felt like I was one of the best players out there. 

"In past series, or Finals, you know, I’ve been able to defer. But in that series, I felt like I was just, like, as close to unstoppable as I’ve ever been.”

On that night, despite missing the final 14-plus minutes of game action, Thompson still finished with the most points in the contest.

Thompson was having the best NBA Finals of his career. In five games (remember, he missed Game 3 with a mild hamstring strain) Thompson averaged 26.0 points. In four previous NBA Finals, his best output was 19.6 points per game in 2016.

Thompson was at the top of his game, but now he will be forced to miss part of the upcoming 2019-20 season as he rehabs his left ACL.

The good news for Warriors fans is that Thompson told The Athletic that he's more motivated than ever to get back to that level.

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So if you're concerned that Thompson won't be the same when he returns to the court, you've got nothing to worry about.

We expect a few more "Game 6 Klay" performances in the future.