The Warriors will have plenty of holes to fill on their roster this offseason, and a solid veteran wing is at the top of their list.

NBC Sports NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh thinks that one player in particular that is currently playing in the NBA Finals, could be the right guy for the Warriors to pursue with the taxpayer mid level exception.

"To me Jae Crowder would be a wonderful fit with the Golden State Warriors," Haberstroh told NBC Sports Bay Area. "A 3 and D guy ... I think he is a really strong player in his role. Doc Rivers likes to say 'We want star players in their role' and I think that is Jae Crowder to a tee. A guy who is going to be nasty, a guy who you do not want to face, but would love to have on your team."

"He fits the type of profile you see in a David West or a Draymond Green, an agitator, a real tough guy that I don't think a lot of people want anything to do with."

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Crowder, 30, has been a bit of a journeyman in his career, now playing for his sixth NBA team. He started this season with the Memphis Grizzlies, and struggled with his shot, but has since blossomed with the Miami Heat after a midseason trade, and has especially shot well in the NBA bubble. Crowder has started all 16 playoff games for the Heat, averaging 12.3 points per game on 35.7 percent from deep, while playing tough defense.


An accomplished free agent like Crowder might be adversely affected by the financial ramifications from the COVID-19 pandemic as he searches for a lucrative contract this offseason.

"In a normal offseason in 2016, he'd be getting $60 million on the open market," Haberstroh said. "But Jae Crowder in this climate, might be looking at something at the MLE, or at least he might consider the MLE on a championship contender and get back to where he is right now. But there will be a lot of suitors for Jae Crowder, and I do think the Golden State Warriors are in an unique position in that they have the title window right now, with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green in their prime, and they want to capitalize."

"So I think Jae Crowder is one of those players that makes a lot of sense, maybe taking a lower offer to win a title with the Golden State Warriors."

Another Miami Heat player has grabbed Haberstroh's attention as a potential fit for the Warriors as well.

"I actually like Derrick Jones Jr. as well," Haberstroh divulged. "On the Miami Heat he can be a 3 and D threat, a super athletic guy, a much more affordable version of Andrew Wiggins I would say."

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Jones Jr. is a 23-year-old 6-foot-6 wing that shot poorly from deep this season, making only 28 percent of his shots. He did, however, win the NBA Slam Dunk contest this season and is one of the premier high flyers in the league. 

The Warriors, who are desperate for wing depth, could potentially look at Crowder as an option on the MLE, as well as Jones Jr. on a minimum contract, should he not find a better deal.