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There's nothing Kevin Durant loves more than when media members do some psychoanalysis on something he said.

That, of course, was sarcasm because as Anthony Slater wrote a couple weeks ago, it's the "thing he despises most in this NBA world and the steep price of his fame."

So sure enough, Jalen Rose on ESPN's morning show "Get Up" offered his opinion on Durant's recent comments about LeBron James:

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"It's a little bit of hating, it sounds somewhat jealous when you use the word 'toxic' as it relates to an environment that features LeBron James. It's also hypocritical because when we're not talking about LeBron James, we're talking about the Golden State Warriors -- the team that he joined after they eliminated them from the playoffs when he played with OKC.

"So shout to Russell Westbrook, whose name got a lot of slander when KD left because people felt like that situation was 'toxic.' So now Paul George re-signs, has 47 points last night and buries that theory."


First of all, whoever said the situation in OKC was "toxic" for Durant? And secondly, Westbrook is now a hero because George re-signed and scored 47 points in a game vs Brooklyn in early December? Consider me a little confused.

Furthermore, Rose was then asked if there was any truth to what Durant said about LeBron.

"It's not that players don't want to play with LeBron. Of course you want to play with the best and most unselfish player in our game," Rose answered. "He's (Durant) really giving an invitiation to other superstar players and poisoning the well. He's basically planting a seed saying, 'Hey Kawhi Leonard, hey Anthony Davis -- ya'll don't want to go play with LeBron and play second-fiddle.' 

"So he's just putting that out there to kind of again hate -- that's really what it is. It's a level of jealousy and a level of hating. I'm really surprised he went there because they seem to have a really good relationship."

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Number one -- there is a decent amount of evidence suggesting that some players in fact do not want to play with LeBron (Kyrie Irving, anybody? Or perhaps the aforementioned Paul George?)

Number two -- is LeBron really the most unselfish player in the game? A certain Steph Curry may disagree with that one.

Number three -- that is a very interesting theory. Is Rose speculating that Durant's words about LeBron were really intended to recruit Kawhi and/or Davis to team up with him on either the Clippers or Knicks next season? Hmmmmmmmm.

If that is in fact true, would Durant really need to be that cryptic or could he just pick up the phone and call or text either player? For now, let's end the speculation on what Rose may have been speculating about what Durant is speculating about things involving LeBron.

To channel our inner Bill Belichick -- we're on to Milwaukee...

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