Haberstroh calls Murray-Steph comparisons 'outlandish'


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But how about endless comparisons? 

In the NBA bubble in Orlando, the comparisons to Steph Curry started with Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard. His electric performances with incredible long-range shooting in the bubble made many fans, and media, start wondering if Lillard had already matched Curry's greatness. After Lillard and the Blazers fizzled out of the playoffs, a new comparison has started, with Denver Nuggets sensation Jamal Murray lighting up the bubble.

"We are doing the same thing with Michael Jordan, that anyone who came after [him] was called 'Baby Jordan' and now we are doing it with 'Baby Steph'," NBC Sports NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh told NBC Sports Bay Area.

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In the playoffs so far, Murray is averaging 26.9 points per game on an incredible 46.6 percent from deep. He has shown a wide array of athletic and explosive moves to create space for his 3 point shoot, as well as finishing at the rim. So are the comparisons to Steph Curry fair? 

"No, Jamal Murray is not the next coming of Stephen Curry," Haberstroh exclaimed. "Jamal Murray has a career 3-point percentage of 35 percent, okay? He is shooting lights out in the bubble, but let's see what happens when he gets out of the bubble."

"This entire conversation of Jamal Murray is the next Steph Curry blows my mind."

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It would be hard to deny that there are moments in games in which Murray puts on shows reminiscent of Curry's theatrics. But when it comes to actual comparisons, Haberstroh has another player in mind.


"[Murray] is more Bradley Beal. A guy who's an All-Star caliber player," Haberstroh explained. 

"A guy who is a really good slasher, creative ball-handler, and just gets buckets," he continued.

"And Bradley Beal is not Steph Curry."

To Haberstroh, the comparisons between the two stars only go as far as their track records and history of success.

"We're talking Steph Curry, all-time great, unanimous MVP, multi-champion type of player. That is not Jamal Murray yet," Haberstroh declared. "He could develop into an all-time great, but until we get to that point, until he gets a couple All-Stars here, I think it's a little premature, no matter how well he's doing in the bubble right now."

"I think the Steph Curry comparisons are a little bit outlandish."