OBJ believes Harden would be 'deadly' in Warriors' lineup

James Harden and Odell Beckham Jr.

Hours after the Cleveland Browns made the NFL playoffs for the second time this century, Odell Beckham Jr. was dreaming of another seemingly far-fetched fantasy.

Beckham tweeted early Monday morning that he wants to see James Harden on the Warriors.

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Not content with one miracle, the injured receiver wants another. Beckham's Browns are headed to the playoffs for the first time since 2002, ending the NFL's longest active playoff drought just a year after many pundits, in a case study of Murphy's Law, learned better than to label a franchise synonymous with failure as Super Bowl favorites.

You can never say never to any transaction in the NBA's era of player empowerment, but Harden joining the Warriors would have a hell-freezing and pig-flying quality similar to the Browns making the playoffs. NBC Sports Bay Area's Monte Poole reported last month, citing multiple league sources, that although the Warriors previously considered trading for Harden, that's not an option now.

"The Warriors won’t be among the interested teams, as they wisely have moved on from a passing thought that would have been an utter disaster," Poole wrote Dec. 8.

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You can't blame Beckham for dreaming, especially after seeing Curry drop 62 points Sunday night against the Portland Trail Blazers. Stylistic fits be damned, Harden would give the Warriors plenty of firepower in the backcourt while Klay Thompson recovers from a torn Achilles.


Plus, once you've seen the Cleveland Browns make the playoffs, anything feels possible.