Wiseman, Paschall's timeline in COVID-19 protocols unclear


The Warriors will be without James Wiseman and Eric Paschall when the team faces the Houston Rockets Wednesday night as the two players entered the league's COVID-19 health and safety protocols earlier in the day for contact tracing. 

And according to Warriors coach Steve Kerr, there isn't much clarity surrounding the situation and how long Wiseman and Paschall will be out. 

"We're going to wait and see," Kerr said in his pregame press conference. "We'll just get the word from the league and whatever the protocol is, that's what we'll follow. At this point, we don't know."

Kerr doesn't know when he and the Warriors will hear from the league.

It's a rough time for the Warriors to lose Wiseman and Paschall, as they were prioritizing developmental minutes for the young players, as well as piecing together the rotation that would carry them through the rest of the season. 

For Wiseman in particular, missing Wednesday's game -- and possibly additional contests -- hurts more. 

After missing the first week of training camp and all three of the Warriors' preseason games after testing positive for COVID-19 in November, and then 11 games in February with a wrist sprain, Wiseman's minutes were finally starting to ramp up. 

Kerr, and other members of the organization, have repeatedly said the only way Wiseman will grow and develop is through playing. Now, he won't be able to do so until he's out of the protocols.

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But Kerr doesn't believe this will hurt Wiseman or Paschall's potential. He knows it will set back their progress for this current season, but it won't have any barring beyond that. 

"Long term, this will have no effect on those young guys' career," Kerr said. "It's just frustrating, especially when you're young. A week, a couple of weeks seems like an eternity. When you're 55, a week seems like a couple of minutes. So, they will have a greater perspective down the road, later in their careers. They'll see that this was just a blip on the radar screen. But for now, yeah, it's a blow."

Kerr might be correct in saying that in a year from now, this won't matter. But for the time being, it is another setback to an already jagged rookie year for Wiseman and another hurdle for a team struggling to find consistency to overcome.

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