Wiseman hitting cooler 'scared' Paschall, but he understood

Warriors' James Wiseman

James Wiseman's frustration during the Warriors' win Monday over the Los Angeles Lakers was palpable to the cooler he took it out on, as well as anyone watching the game.

It was very clear to Eric Paschall, too, who had a front-row seat for the whole thing.

"It actually scared me," Paschall recalled Tuesday afternoon in a video conference with reporters. "I was on the bike, and I just wasn't expecting it. I saw he was frustrated, so I kind of jumped when I was on the bike, like, 'What was that noise?' But then I saw he was frustrated."

Wiseman hit the cooler after picking up his fifth foul Monday. The 19-year-old scored just four points and grabbed three rebounds, turning the ball over five times and playing a season-low 12:51.

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Paschall said he understood why Wiseman was frustrated, but he and his teammates made a point to let the rookie know that the ups and downs of the first year in the NBA are part of the process.

"We tell him all the time it's part of the game," Paschall continued. "You're not gonna have a great game every game. He just wants to be so great. He's taking everything great and learning every day."

Wiseman will continue to have moments of frustration as he adjusts to the NBA, and he'll continue to have teammates like Paschall there to help him navigate it all.


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