Wiseman leading fastbreaks a clear example of unique skills


Running the floor in transition is a necessary skill for any NBA big man.

Leading fastbreaks is a specialty few bigs have, but you can count Warriors rookie center James Wiseman among them.

The Warriors posted a brief compilation Saturday of Wiseman, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, scoring and dishing in transition over the first 12 games of his professional career. The results are impressive, and additional examples of why Golden State believes Wiseman can be so special.

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With a handle and vision like that, you can see why Wiseman used a unicorn to announce his decision to attend the University of Memphis. Those skills are rare among big men, even in the modern game, and they're what part of what makes Wiseman's potential so tantalizing.

Wiseman's fastbreak ability could set him apart from other big men in his career, but he'll also need to develop skills that are becoming increasingly commonplace among his fellow 7-footers. Some of the biggest questions surrounding Wiseman focused on his ability to switch on to small players on defense and his 3-point shot, as he'll need both to be playable in high-leverage situations.

Although Wiseman hasn't closed much with the Warriors, his outside shot looks NBA-ready so far. The 19-year-old has knocked down 40 percent of his 3-pointers through the first 12 games of his career, averaging 1.3 attempts per game. Wiseman has been a little more hesitant than he was at the start of the season, not attempting a 3-pointer in either of the Warriors' last two losses, but he has (so far) shown he can be trusted shooting from beyond the arc.

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Wiseman has a lot of time yet to continue his development as a shooter and defender, as well as a ball-handler in transition. The latter portion of his skill set has helped him stand out as a rookie, and could allow him to become truly great for the Warriors.

When all is said and done, he'll probably have quite a few fastbreak highlight reels to his name.