Wiseman will play in Warriors' opener, unclear if he'll start

James Wiseman smile

When the Warriors take the court for their season opener Tuesday night against the Brooklyn Nets, James Wiseman will suit up and play.

But Steve Kerr on Monday afternoon declined the opportunity to reveal whether the No. 2 overall pick in last month's NBA draft will start at center or come off the bench.

Wiseman missed all three of Golden State's three preseason games as he worked himself into game shape. But despite Wiseman's late start to training camp, Steve Kerr is very excited about the big man's trajectory.

"He had a really good day," the Warriors coach told the media after Saturday's high-intensity practice. "He looked like he picked a lot of things up in the last few days. He's progressing nicely.

"He should be ready to go Tuesday night."

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Whenever the 19-year-old does assume the starting position, the expectation is that he won't let go of that distinction.

"James is gonna be our starting center before too long," Kerr said. "It might happen Tuesday. But clearly he is our long-term starting center, and when we feel he's ready for that then we will put him out there.

"And then it's a matter of minutes and how long he can play. For me as a coach and my staff, let's give him the experience of seeing the different pictures that are going to be in front of him.


"Every NBA game for a young player is filled with these snapshots that go a million miles an hour. And then as you play, those snapshots slow down quite a bit because you recognize the pattern that's in that snapshot.

"Our job is to help him recognize those patterns, realize his responsibilities in those patterns and get him comfortable executing. We'll do it one step at a time."

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Draymond Green, as expected, will not play Tuesday night in Brooklyn.

The Warriors' second game of the season is a Christmas Day showdown against Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks.

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