During his two-year stint with the Warriors, center JaVale McGee went 0-for-9 from 3-point range.

Despite those awful numbers, McGee is (jokingly) bitter that Steph Curry didn't let him shoot more triples.

While chatting on Instagram Live on Friday, McGee made Curry play a game of Hangman.

The words Curry eventually spelled were "Ball Hog," and McGee had a reason for it.

"Because you are a ball hog," McGee said as he walked around his house. "You had a real shooter during those championships and you never gave me the ball to shoot threes. How about that?"

"Come on, I got like two lobs for you," Curry responded.

McGee, now in his second season with the Lakers, did resurrect his career and win two titles while with Curry and the Warriors.

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Sorry JaVale, but when you have Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant -- three of the best perimeter shooters ever -- you're not going to get many chances to shoot from deep.

We're surprised McGee even got nine attempts.