Jeff Van Gundy was recently asked the following question about the 2018 first-round pick the Cavs acquired from the Celtics (via the Nets):

"Do you think Cleveland will move that pick and go for the championship or kind of play the long game?"

Van Gundy's answer was all about the Warriors.

"I think they'll end up playing the long game," Van Gundy started. "With the way the Warriors are, unless you're trading that pick for -- give me a name -- Paul George, you're still not better than the Warriors.

"The Warriors are gonna win forever (laughter) ... this season is over. We're gonna play it out, and the Warriors are gonna win. And then the next year it's gonna be the same thing."

Before the 2017 playoffs began, Van Gundy emphatically declared: "Golden State is your champion. It won't be close. No one is gonna push them."

He was right, as the Warriors won their first 15 playoff games.

Golden State is the overwhelming favorite to capture the title in 2018, and Steve Kerr has said several times that his team will be even better next season.

"The Bulls actually had challengers during their run of greatness -- series going to the end, hey had to summon everything they had," Van Gundy explained. "The Warriors -- this is over. 2018 is a wrap. Let's start talking about 2019.

"Who's beating them four out of seven times? Just wake me up when something changes with their roster, because it's over."


Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders and a Web Producer at NBC Sports Bay Area. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller