Draymond Green was arrested on Sunday, July 10.

He will have a pre-trial conference on July 21, according to multiple reports.

On Monday morning, Jerry West weighed in on Draymond's situation.

"Obviously it's very disappointing," West told KNBR 680. "He's made a great name for himself right now. And he needs to understand he has a greater responsbility. Not only to -- forget the team -- he needs a responsibility to himself. He needs not to put himself into these situations."

Draymond was the runner-up for Defensive Player of the Year each of the last two seasons. Last year, he became an All-Star for the first time and was named Second-Team All-NBA.

The 35th overall pick from the 2012 draft finished seventh in the MVP voting.

West has been a fan of Draymond for a long time.

"If he's not my favorite player, I don't know who would be," The Logo added. "But I just don't like to see him put himself in these kind of situations. I don't. And I'm hopeful that with all the things that have gone in his life, as popular as he is, that this will be another way for him to be able to go out and show what kind of a player he is.

"And I think we all know that. But more importantly, to represent a different cause, and that's the United States of America, which is a great thrill for our players to represent a country, and more importantly, to win a gold medal."