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On July 4, 2016, Kevin Durant announced he was going to sign with the Warriors.

A couple weeks later, JJ Redick took to social media to defend Durant's decision.


On the most recent episode of The JJ Redick Podcast, the 76ers shooting guard was answering a mailbag question about DeMar DeRozan being traded to the Spurs against his will.

"This is why I love what Kevin Durant did in going to Golden State. You should look at your career as sort of squeezing out every ounce of money, joy, winning, team -- whatever it is you prioritize -- squeeze that out," Redick explained.

"There is so much you can't control. When you have an opportunity to do what you actually want to do, you have to take it."

Redick also explained why he believes there is a racial component when it comes to players leaving in free agency.

"When a player, and a lot of professional athletes are African-American in football and basketball, tries to sort of enact control on his career -- Kevin Durant goes to the Warriors -- there's a lot of backlash," Redick said. "When white owners and white GMs, primarily, when they make a trade that they deem in the best interest of their organization, they don't receive that same backlash. Why is that?"

Redick laughed after he asked the question, implying that the reasoning is obvious.


He then continued:

"Every time there's a work stoppage in any sport, the overwhelming majority of fans are upset at the African-American athletes and not the rich, white owners who are squeezing every last dollar they can -- who are already profitable and are already rich.

"Again, there's a racial component to this."

Redick is a smart man.

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