One JTA 3-point stat shows his incredible growth, journey

JTA Warriors shot

Juan Toscano-Anderson went 3-for-4 from beyond the arc Thursday in the Warriors' win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The 28-year-old now is shooting 43.9 percent (25-for-57) from deep on the season.

Now, let's take a walk down memory lane to Dec. 10, 2019.

JTA that night went 0-for-2 from 3-point territory in the Santa Cruz Warriors' loss to the South Bay Lakers, bringing his 3-point percentage on the season to 8.9 percent (3-for-34).

So in the span of 16 months, the Oakland native went from a horrible 3-point shooter in the NBA G League, to a guy who is drilling 3s at a fantastic rate in the NBA.

It truly is remarkable.

“I put in a lot of extra work," Toscano-Anderson told The Athletic's Marcus Thompson back in early February. "We work every day. Shout out to coach Ron [Adams] as well. Over the past year-ish, he’s helped me kind of rebuild my shot and develop some fundamentals that I didn’t have."

The Warriors forward gave more love to the venerable assistant coach Thursday night.

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“Ron Adams -- for whatever reason, we just hit it off right when I came up to GSW," JTA explained. "He's just dropping gems on me all day. It's paying off. That was the biggest mark for me all my life and coming into the NBA.

"He’s meant a lot. I’m super appreciative of that man. He didn’t necessarily have to do what he did for me. He did it out of kindness. Obviously, he’s a coach and it’s his job. But the extra work and the extra attention he put into me ...


"I wasn’t a guy who was under contract. I wasn’t an investment, per se, a draft pick for the team. So for him to go out of his way and put a lot of extra work into me, I thank him all the time. And I’ll be grateful to him for the rest of my life.”

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