Toscano-Anderson calls Steph 'the Picasso of our time'


Trying to compare Steph Curry to any living human is hard to do. He's a legend by every definition of the word, and one of the most iconic basketball players of our time. 

Which icon, in or out of sports, could you compare Curry to that would do him justice? At this point, the list is very short. 

Curry's creativity and magnificent ability make him something of an artist on the court, so the comparison stands. You watch him play and you're left speechless, like stumbling across a Picasso piece. 

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Picasso is one of, if not the most iconic artists of all time. He was certainly the greatest of his time. The same case could be made for Curry as well. 

Curry will continue his artistry in the playoffs, with the Warriors headed towards the play-in tournament with a ton of momentum. 

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