JTA pays off bet following Raiders' loss to Washington


Warriors forward Juan Toscano-Anderson was born and raised in Oakland, and for a majority of his life, the Raiders played in his hometown.

Even with the Raiders moving to Las Vegas prior to the 2020 NFL season, JTA still represents the Silver and Black. So their last-minute loss to the Washington Football Team on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium hurt in more ways than one.

JTA made a bet with Warriors' Team Development Manager Mujtaba Elgoodah over the outcome of the Raiders-Washington game. While Elgoodah has worked for the Warriors for over three years, his previous stop was with Washington.

The bet was paid off Monday when JTA arrived at Chase Center for the Warriors' game against the Orlando Magic wearing a No. 7 Dwayne Haskins jersey.

Elgoodah was in the parking garage waiting for JTA and made him pose for a picture before he entered the arena.

JTA is a man of his word, but he's probably hoping the Raiders don't cost him anymore bets this season.