JTA uses great analogy to sum up Steph's dominant run


Juan Toscano-Anderson likes his and the Warriors' chances whenever Steph Curry is healthy and playing as well as he has of late.

Toscano-Anderson used a great analogy in describing how he feels to have the two-time NBA MVP as a teammate.

"I mean if you get into a street fight and you got Mike Tyson standing on the side of you how you going to feel," Toscano-Anderson told reporters after the Warriors' 123-108 win over the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday night. "That's the best analogy I can give you. He different man. I know if I get into a pickle, I'm looking for him because he's gonna make something happen more often than not. He's just a magnet, and the defense is just gravitating toward him and it's opening up a lot of things, I get a lot of slips and a lot of open trey balls, just a lot of different things.

"I don't wanna use the word comforting like I go out there intimidated or anything, but it just makes you that much more confident. Like I said, I know how to fight, but if I got Mike Tyson on my side, I'm just gonna have all the confidence in the world because I know Mike Tyson is knocking anybody out with a haymaker. I got Steph Curry on my basketball team, I feel good."

Curry had another in what has become a long string of impressive performances this season, scoring 41 points and dishing out eight assists while shooting 8-18 from 3-point range. One of those triples even left Pelicans star Zion Williamson speechless, as the young star could do nothing more than chuckle coming back down the floor.

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Toscano-Anderson continues to prove he is worth much more than a two-way contract to the Warriors, scoring 14 points and grabbing five rebounds and four assists in 33 minutes.

The dominance from Steph, a triple-double from Draymond Green and JTA's continued versatility and contributions all over the court were vital for the Warriors in a game against a Pelicans team trying to claw back up the playoff picture in the Western Conference.

The two teams will be right back at it from New Orleans on Tuesday night, as the Warriors try to earn a better spot in the NBA's new play-in tournament.

As long as the Warriors' best prizefighter is knocking people out on the court, they'll always have a fighting chance.

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