The Toronto Raptors knew the risks when they traded for Kawhi Leonard last summer.

Raptors president Masai Ujiri knew Leonard would be an unrestricted free agent this upcoming summer, and that the former NBA Finals MVP with the San Antonio Spurs could leave after only one season in Toronto.

And while Ujiri and Raptors fans hope their first NBA Finals berth will be enough to convince Leonard to stay in Canada, a video has surfaced that might indicate that he already has decided to leave after the best-of-seven series against the Warriors.

In a video that since has been deleted, Leonard's sister, Miesha Slayton, appears to be answering questions on Instagram Live when a voice in the background shouts this out:

“They know darn well he ain’t gonna be there next year,” the unidentified male voice says.

The LakersEmpire Twitter account was able to preserve the video, and you can watch it here:

Leonard's sister, whose Instagram handle is @mztwotwo, has made her account private.


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If Leonard has in fact already decided to leave the Raptors, then Toronto fans should savor the next four to seven games. Without Leonard, it's hard to see a way the Raptors would contend for the Eastern Conference crown next season.