Oubre offers his opinion on Jordan vs. LeBron GOAT debate

Kelly Oubre LeBron James dribble

Does Kelly Oubre believe LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all time?

The Warriors forward was crystal clear with his answer.

"No," Oubre said earlier this week on "The Complex Sports Podcast." "I grew up watching Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan. Once I started watching Kobe, I had to see where he got it from. I'm a big mindset guy -- mental toughness guy.

"I think Mike and Kobe are the pavers. I think that Kobe is spawn of Michael, and I think Michael Jordan is the GOAT. He wasn't able to be denied.

"I think the game today is a little more soft. So to call anybody a GOAT nowadays pretty much is disrespectful to the hard-earned awards and accolades that Mike and Kobe won."

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Well, OK then.

Oubre didn't specifically say he believes Kobe is better than LeBron. But if he in fact does feel that way, yours truly respectfully disagrees with that opinion.

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