Oubre reveals one Warriors teammate with whom he talks fashion

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Kelly Oubre is passionate about fashion, and launched his "Dope Soul" brand/clothing line last year.

Do any of his Warriors teammates go to him for tips or help?

"The only person who I talk to about fashion in the locker room is my locker mate, Jordan Poole," Oubre said earlier this week on "The Complex Sports Podcast." "He has a unique style as well. It's very nonchalant, but it works for him.

"He can not try too hard and still pull things off. And I respect that. And I just try to give him gems about how I'm working and creating my own identity. I think he's capable of doing that because he just likes to be different as well.

"I respect his thought process when it comes to wearing clothes. If somebody can be uniquely different and tailor their looks toward who they are a person, I think we all can create new things and bring them to the fashion industry."

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You're welcome for this hard-hitting news story heading into the weekend.

Oubre, Poole and the Warriors look to stop their three-game losing streak Friday night when they host the Atlanta Hawks.

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