Perk weirdly compares Warriors pick Kuminga to Jordan Bell


With the seventh pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, the Golden State Warriors select ... 

Jordan Bell 2.0?

After the Warriors drafted Jonathan Kuminga with their first of two picks in the first round, Golden State's newest forward drew an interesting comparison from ESPN's Kendrick Perkins shortly after the pick.

Fellow ESPN analyst Mike Schmitz compared Kuminga to Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown, which Perkins did not agree with. 

"I do have a problem with the comparison, right to Jaylen Brown," Perkins said. "I can’t roll with that one. But I will say he reminds me right now of Jordan Bell, right."

Come again?

"And we remember Jordan Bell when he was fitting in with the Golden State Warriors," Perkins added. "They would move him to the five position, have him picking and rolling to the basket, being the lob threat at the basket, being able to get out there athletically and switch one through five. That’s what he reminds me of."

Bell was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in the second round of the 2017-18 NBA Draft before immediately being traded to the Warriors on draft day. 

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The 26-year-old center has averaged 3.7 PPG, with 3.1 rebounds and 1.3 assists throughout his career. Those numbers aren't exactly eye-popping as a comparison to somebody who the Warriors hope is their next star player in Kuminga. 

Bell spent the previous season with the Washington Wizards before returning to the Warriors at the very end of the season.


It's certainly an odd comparison to make, and the Warriors are hoping (at the very least) that Kuminga's floor is higher than that of a Jordan Bell. 

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