Kenny Smith offers his opinion on the Steph vs. Dame debate


Kenny Smith drew the ire of Steph Curry on Tuesday night when he said he doesn't think the two-time NBA MVP can shoot it from as deep as Damian Lillard can.

"The Jet" was a guest Wednesday morning on 95.7 The Game's "Bonta, Steiny & Guru" show, and offered his thoughts on the whole "Steph vs. Dame" debate that has taken center stage over the last couple of weeks.

"He (Lillard) is doing exactly what Steph was doing," Smith said. "He looks the same. We all will agree that the magic that Steph Curry had and has -- that's what it looks like.

"And it's inside of Damian Lillard right now."

The Oakland native averaged 37.6 points and 9.6 assists over the Portland Trail Blazers' eight seeding games in the Orlando bubble, while shooting 43.6 percent from deep on 12.6 attempts.

And he came through in the clutch to lift the Blazers over the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1 of their first-round NBA playoff series.

When you look at the big picture, Curry clearly owns the superior résumé, and unquestionably has outplayed Lillard in three head-to-head matchups. But is it possible that the two-time NBA MVP starts to decline next season, and Lillard supplants the three-time NBA champion as the best point guard in the league?


"I don't believe that Steph is on that spiral," Smith said. "And because his team has the chance to be really good next year again, I don't think that would happen.

"But Dame Lillard has caught the magic of Steph Curry for sure. I'm gonna say that on record. Whatever Steph Curry was drinking and eating in those two years (2014-15 and 2015-16), Dame is eating it in the bubble.

"They gave him Steph Curry's plate."

Nothing inflammatory here at all from Smith. If anything, he gave Curry the respect he deserves.

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Just don't ever forget that the six-time All-Star is aware of what is being said about him and the Warriors.

The 2020-21 campaign cannot get here soon enough.

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