Bazemore explains why he and Steph always have vibed


Kent Bazemore and Steph Curry struck up a quick friendship when the former first entered the NBA as an undrafted free agent with the Warriors.

Both came from mid-major NCAA schools and had chips on their shoulders, which Bazemore said helped the two bond right away in the Bay.

"I saw the work that he put in, and I could relate to that," Bazemore told NBC Sports Bay Area's Kerith Burke earlier in the week. "I worked extremely hard, maybe not as smart, I didn't know what to work on, but he worked extremely hard, and he was very coachable. It's crazy what it's turned into.

"We went to small schools, and we had to pave our own way, when you go through that grind, when you know what that grind's like, having a bus four or five hours there and back to a game, instead of you know, flying charter right away. ... It's a certain chip that builds on your shoulder."

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Although Curry went seventh overall in the 2009 NBA Draft, he came from Davidson College, which like Bazemore's Old Dominion squad didn't have the same experience as those players who attend powerhouses such as Duke and North Carolina.

Bazemore scratched and clawed to put together a sustainable NBA career for himself, playing for four other NBA teams before returning to the Warriors this offseason.

The duo also both have a passion for golf, and were competing in some virtual golf early in the pandemic. It's hard to imagine the two won't be playing some in-person golf once they're able to do so safely.


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