Bazemore talks triangle offense with Steph amid box-and-one


Kent Bazemore might be Steph Curry's closest comrade on the Warriors. Bazemore came into the league just as Curry was becoming a star. They're more than teammates -- they're brothers. 

There's no doubt Bazemore knows just how hard it has been for Curry dealing with being double and triple-teamed by opposing defenses, and even maneuvering the box-and-one defense. Well, Bazemore had an interesting idea that just might help the Warriors' star point guard. 

"Last night I sent him a link on the triangle offense," Bazemore said Thursday to reporters, "just because we've kind of been having some talks and we kind of went into a Black Hole with it. He's always willing to learn, soak up information and get better." 

Curry is scoring 27.8 points per game through the Warriors' first 11 games this season. That's the second-highest clip of his 12-year career. But Golden State's second-leading scorer, Andrew Wiggins, is nearly 10 points behind Curry at 17.9 per night. The days of sharing the floor with Kevin Durant are long gone, and Curry will be without his backcourt mate, Klay Thompson, for the second straight year. 

Wiggins has been better and better for the Warriors as the season has progressed. There's virtually no way Kelly Oubre doesn't improve his historically slow shooting start to the season. However, teams will continue to bum-rush Curry and they have to find ways to break down the defense, no matter how "janky" it might be. 


"Just trying to figure out other options to score," Bazemore said. "See what those great offensive teams under that realm did as far as reads, different reads, spacing, lack of spacing -- just trying to expand our horizons offensively and share with our teammates. 

"The triangle offense had a look for everything. Any kind of defense it was always moving and it found looks regardless of how the defense was playing them. So that's kind of where we're trying to get to as a team." 

Bazemore admitted that bringing up the triangle offense did have somewhat to do with teams going box-and-one on Curry, but also highlighted how teams won't always have the length that the Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors have the luxury throwing at Steph. 

Hearing the words "triangle offense" has to be music to Steve Kerr's ears, though. The Warriors coach played five seasons with the Chicago Bulls in Phil Jackson's triangle offense, and came out with three straight championships. This also doesn't mean the Warriors will all of the sudden start strictly running the triangle offense by any means. 

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"It's just all about matchups, and obviously as we continue to see [box-and-one] we're gonna continue to get better," Bazemore added. "We're seeing the pictures, coach Kerr has done a good job of just giving us more looks offensively. We're still a young team, we're still trying to find out how to move without the ball, what to do when a play happens and all this kind of stuff. 

"I think over time, we'll get to where we want offensively."

Don't expect the Warriors to run the same offense as the '98 Chicago Bulls on Thursday night against Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets. But it will be interesting though to see if Kerr does soon go back in time to the offense that first made him a champion.

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