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For the last two seasons, Steve Kerr has repeatedly referred to Draymond Green as the "heartbeat" of the Warriors.

Kerr was honored as the 2015-16 NBA Coach of the Year on Tuesday morning, and during his press conference on Tuesday afternoon, he had a message for his starting power forward.

"Draymond -- don't ever change, if you're watching this," Kerr started. "Keep yelling at me, I'm gonna keep yelling at you. It's the best. He provides the edge that this team needs. Without Draymond, we'd be in trouble. We would be too quiet, and too nice.

"We need that edge. And when he brings it every day, and we have all that emotion, and that fire, it literally ignites the team."

Before singling out Green, Kerr praised Steph Curry.

"I've made the comparison before. I've referred to Steph as the 'mini Tim Duncan.' And I mean that with the utmost respect," Kerr explained. "Tim was one of my all-time favorite teammates. Just an incredible leader. Incredibly talented, and yet modest and humble. And that's a powerful force.

"When your best player and the MVP in the league is not only confident on the floor, but flat out arrogant, like 'I'm the greatest player on Earth.' And then at the same time, he's the most humble guy in the room and the most grounded and an incredible family man, an incredible leader ... That's a force. That is a powerful force."


Kerr also went out of his way to honor Andre Iguodala.

"My first real act as coach last year when I first came here, was putting this guy who was an Olympian, and an All-Star -- putting him on the bench, and asking him to make that move," Kerr said. "There are a lot of NBA players who would not accept that. And Andre completely not only accepted it, but embraced it and became the leader of our younger group.

"Became a mentor for the guys on the bench. And obviously he became the Finals MVP as well. So his leadership role, combined with his talent and his sacrifice, set the tone for the entire season."